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  • March 30th , 2020: - Progressive Discipline in The Workplace (One of the only ways to terminate an employee that has worked for more than 12 consecutive months of employment short of being able to prove Just Cause).
  • March 31st , 2020: - Harassment and Violence in the Workplace (This training will be mandatory for all employees as of this year);
  • April 1st , 2020: - Canada Labour Code and The Recent Changes to The Legislation;
  • April 2nd 2020: - Conflict of Interest for Board of Directors or Chief and Council
  • April 3rd , 2020 - Steps to an Effective Termination

Human resources are the cornerstone of any successful business. Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive human resources training in the area. Ensuring that employees are adequately supported in the workplace is key to creating a productive team of satisfied workers.

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Comprehensive Human Resources Training

If you want to incorporate human resources into your business, we can provides comprehensive training courses. We will help your management staff understand the importance of providing effective human resources. The skills we teach will allow your company to maximize its performance by prioritizing staff retention.

Understanding Human Resources in the Workplace

Human resources, within a business, typically refer to a management team whose primary goal is to organize and manage the needs and concerns of staff members.

The human resource department will often deal with various matters including, but not limited to:

  • Compensation
  • Vacation and time-off
  • Workplace safety
  • Employee conflicts and concerns
  • Employee health and wellness
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee performance and motivation
  • Hiring and recruitment
  • And more

The role of human resources management is to create and maintain a positive workplace culture that is both accommodating to its employees and conducive to the success of the business. Often the HR manager will work as a liaison between employees and those in more executive roles.

Having trusted human resources is especially important in businesses that operate from the top-down. Ensuring that employees have a space to air their concerns and grievances will work to retain workers and build the company a good reputation.

HR Training for Every Business

While the existence of a human resources department may only be required for companies of significant size, at Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we believe that all businesses can benefit from human resources training.

Equipping your upper management team with the skills to successfully address the needs of staff members will promote communication in the workplace, helping your business grow and thrive in the future.

Having human resource training, however, is about more than just making employees feel supported. There are various labor laws regarding how workers are treated by management in the workplace. Any slip up can put the reputation and, in some cases, the existence of your company at risk.

Protect the integrity of your workplace by investing in human resource training.

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In addition to providing legal advice on Employment Law related matters to both federally and provincially governed employers, our law firm also provides Human Resources training/courses to Upper Management by way of seminars and workshops in various HR related areas.

A single mistake in dealing with an employee can expose your organization to costly litigation or a substantial settlement. This is because, oftentimes, it is not possible to backtrack once a human resources decision has been made.

Not all businesses are big enough to warrant the hiring of a Human Resources Professional. The task is often left to upper management such as the owner, the executive director, the manager, or the Band manager, whose workload is already strained from managing the business. Often, they do not have all the skills and the knowledge required to deal with employees and human resources issues. Unknowingly, they can quickly get themselves in hot water simply by the manner in which they chose to deal with an employee. Therefore, it is important to invest in HR Training and Development for Upper Management so that when faced with a HR situation in the workplace, a business’ upper management will know if they can handle the problem themselves or if they should reach out for help from a lawyer who specializes in that type of work before making a faux pas.

Human Resources Training and Development

Our HR Training Courses for Upper Management provide participants with practical information based on real case studies which set out the fact situations of the case in question and the Court decision as it relates to that fact situation. Your management team will acquire the necessary knowledge to know when they should reach out to a lawyer before taking a step in order to avoid common pitfalls.

Our Human Resources Management Course for your Upper Management team is geared to both federally governed employers such as First Nations, airlines and banks and provincially governed employers.

Our HR Training Courses

We are proud to provide top-quality human resources training. Our courses are focused on training management teams to advocate for their staff in the workplace through various avenues.

We can offer our training services in your workplace for optimal convenience and transparency.

Regardless of your industry, our HR training services will help you build a more accommodating workplace culture for your employees. Having happy employees leads to better staff retention, resulting in a company that can grow, learn and thrive together.

Human Resources Training/ Human Resources Courses for Upper Management

Our law firm currently offers the following HR training seminars:

  • 1. Human Rights Sensitivity Training;
  • 2. Workplace Investigation Training;
  • 3. Employment Contracts Training on steps to ensure the enforceability of an employment contract;
  • 4. Steps for Effective Progressive Discipline in the Workplace Training;
  • 5. Steps to an Effective Termination Training;
  • 6. Harassment & Violence in the Workplace Seminar;
  • 7. Executive Director and Board Relationship Building;
  • 8. The key differences between the Canada Labour Code and the Employment Standard Act 2000 (ESA 2000);

Our training programs can also be customized according to the needs of your organization. For more details please feel free to call us at 705-268-6492 or email me at Our courses, seminars and workshops can be offered either in person or online via webinar.