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Workplace Investigation Services

Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation employs professionally trained lawyers who are also experienced in providing workplace investigation services. We help you define the scope of the investigation, gather and review relevant documents, conduct interviews with the necessary parties, and maintain confidentiality and impartiality throughout the process to the extent that this is possible.

We're skilled in navigating legal complexities, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and maintaining objectivity. Our services will help your business avoid potential legal pitfalls, ensure fair treatment of all parties, and provide credible, legally sound findings.

Connect with us by dialing (705) 268-6492 to learn more about how we'll help you protect your business from legal liabilities and maintain a fair and lawful workplace environment.

Learn More About Our Workplace Investigation Services
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What Does a Workplace Investigation Do?

A workplace investigation is a formal process initiated by an employer to look into complaints, typically of harassment or violence in the workplace, or suspicions of misconduct or policy violations within the workplace. The lawful process involves several key steps.

These steps include:

  • A clear definition of the scope of the investigation
  • Addressing confidentiality and fairness
  • Thorough interviews of the necessary parties
  • Collecting and reviewing relevant evidence
  • Preparing a detailed report with findings based on the evidence collected

Our lawyers/investigators are the right choice for guiding and conducting workplace investigations due to our extensive knowledge of employment law, experience handling sensitive matters, and commitment to upholding legal and ethical standards. We're adept at navigating complex legal landscapes, ensuring the investigation is conducted in a manner that's legally compliant, fair, and minimally disruptive to your organization.

We know what your legal council is looking for in the context of the workplace investigation report. By engaging our lawyers/investigators, businesses like yours can ensure that the workplace investigation will be thorough, unbiased, and legally sound, providing a strong foundation for subsequent actions or decisions to be made by your organization and your legal counsel.

Examining the Most Common Workplace Investigations

Our lawyers are ideally suited to lead workplace investigations into a broad range of issues for both provincially and federally governed employers. Some of the most common issues we investigate include:

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace violence
  • Company policy violations
  • Misconduct and unethical behavior
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Misuse of company property or resources
  • Performance and disciplinary issues
  • ...and more!

With extensive experience in employment law and a thorough understanding of workplace dynamics, we bring an impartial, professional approach to workplace investigations. Our legal acumen ensures compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of legal repercussions, and our experience makes us invaluable in uncovering truths, resolving disputes, and maintaining a lawful, ethical commercial space.

Are Our Employment-Related Workplace Investigation Services the Right Fit for Your Business?

There are many advantages to hiring our employment lawyers to conduct a workplace investigation on behalf of your business.

Here's what you can expect from working with us:

  • Legal experience in Employment Law
  • Assessment of credibility
  • Risk management
  • Customized approach
  • Detailed documenting and reporting
  • Preventative advice
  • Conflict resolution
  • ...and more!

Hire a Workplace Investigator Who Is Also a Lawyer: Call Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation

Contact Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation to hire a workplace investigator who is also a lawyer with a client-centric and legally abiding approach to resolving issues that arise in your workplace. Call (705) 268-6492 to reserve an initial consultation appointment and learn more about what we'll do to help your business move forward on the right foot.