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Better Understanding the Canada Labour Code

Available for Federal, Provincial Employers & Non-Profit Organizations

What you will learn:

  • Part II of the Canada Labour Code
    • The Employer’s duties
    • The Employee’s duties
    • Employee Rights
    • Workplace Health and Safety Committees
  • Part III of the Canada Labour Code
    • Minimum Age of Employment
    • Wages
    • Equal Wages:
      • Hours of Work
      • Overtime
      • Exceptions to Hours of Work and Overtime
      • Vacations
      • Holidays
      • Unpaid Leaves of Absence
      • Bereavement Leave
      • Termination
      • Severance Pay
      • Unjust Dismissal
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Recent amendments to the Canada Labour Code and upcoming changes with Bill C-65 which will create obligations on the Employer when a sexual complaint or workplace violence incident occurs to have it resolved in short order or to proceed to an investigation.

Who Should Attend this Seminar

  • Upper Management
  • Individuals in Supervisory positions
  • Individuals who wish to be recognized as Workplace investigators under Bill C-65 which is an amendment to the Canada Labour Code and set to be implemented in 2020

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