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Employment Contract Masterclass Training

Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation is committed to providing streamlined employment-contract masterclass training for organizations spanning virtually every industry.

Our programming is aimed at human resources professionals (HR), upper management teams, and employers to equip your business with the legal advice needed to fully understand the requirements of the laws surrounding contractual agreements with new and existing personnel.

Our robust online training packages are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English. Each of our webinars is self-paced, making it easy for management from all departments to participate and move through the material at a pace that works best for them. The training has been divided in lessons or approximately 40-40 minutes each.

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Upon successful completion of one or more of our courses, participants will receive an official certificate of completion to keep for their records.

Changes in employment laws can make it challenging to stay on top of your legal obligations. Protect your organization by empowering your staff with the knowledge needed to remain on the right side of the law in any given situation. Connect us by dialing (705) 268-6492 to request an estimate.

Understanding the Importance of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts establish the requirements of both the employer and employee and are the cornerstone of building strong relations with your workforce. When contractual mistakes occur, it puts your organization at risk of significant consequences that are often costly.

When your upper management teams understand the terms required for each type of contract, it is easier to remain compliant with your business's legal obligations.

Do you have questions about current and future contract inclusions? Our webinar classes are designed to give detailed answers. Get in touch for registration details.

What Our Employment Contracts Masterclass Teaches

Our employment contracts masterclass offers the opportunity to learn the legal obligations your business must comply with when issuing employment contracts to be signed by new or existing employees.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to know whether you should use a short-term or indefinate-term contract
  • Which terms to include in specific types of contracts
  • Which terms of employment are required by law in every contract
  • Guidance on steps necessary when terminating employee contracts
  • And much more

At the closing of our class, we offer a consultation with one of our lawyers. Select the individual of your choice, and enjoy 15 minutes with us, one-on-one.

We Make Building a Legal Employment Agreement Easier

When you use an employment agreement, Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation strives to make understanding the terms and conditions required by law much more straightforward. Your growing business may be changing and requires different types of temporary and long-term contracts to contribute to your success. We can also assist by drafting these employment contracts specifically for your organizations and the employees you employ.

Be sure your HR department and hiring managers are updated with the latest legal requirements for an employment contract that is defensible in a court of law. We are happy to make corporate discounts available to larger groups.

Protect your growing business with the tools your employees need to ensure the longevity and success of your organization. Simply contact our office by phoning (705) 268-6492 to learn more about our customizable program offerings.