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Employment Contracts Training

Available for Federal, Provincial Employers & Non-Profit Organizations

What you will learn:

  • What is an Employment Contract
  • What is NOT an Employment Contract
  • What are the required elements of an Employment Contract
  • Is there an intention to be legally bound
  • Is the Employment Contract valid
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  • An Employee has numerous absences due to his/her alcoholism. To terminate him/her would be discriminatory as he/she is considered to have a disability (alcoholism)
  • If the contract is signed after the Employee has started working, the Employment Contract is null and void
  • If an existing Employee has signed a new Employment contract, but has not been provided with additional consideration (e.g. raise/additional vacation days) the Employment Contract is null and void
  • In Wilson v Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, 2016 CarswellNat 988 (SCC), the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that:
    • Federal Employers cannot terminate an Employee who has completed twelve (12) consecutive months of continuous employment without alleging just cause
    • The ONLY way to terminate an Employee for just cause is by applying progressive discipline

Who Should Attend this Seminar

  • Management Team
  • Individuals in Supervisory Positions

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