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Practical and Legal Considerations to Conflict Resolution

In organizations, conflict is inevitable, and good conflict management tools are essential. Conflict resolution can be defined as the informal or formal process that two or more parties use to find a peaceful solution to their dispute.

Unresolved conflicts can lead to legal issues such as workplace harassment, sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

Once a conflict escalates to the legal realm, it involves cost to resolve and for the most part includes incurring legal fees to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and or litigate.

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Practical and Legal Considerations to Conflict Resolution

  • Created to help employers or provincially regulated employers address workplace conflict
  • Provided in two parts, starting with a lawyer and ending with a human management consultant
  • The legal perspective; By Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation; and
  • Human management perspective provided by Nancy Riopelle of Humanagement
  • Part 1 : Legal Perspective
  • Learn when a conflict becomes harassment and the legal consequences of not addressing such harassment
  • Understand when a conflict becomes discrimination and the legal consequences of not addressing that discrimination
  • Part 2: Human Management Perspective
  • Comments on the types and causes of conflict in the workplace
  • Remarks on the cost preventive measures that should be taken when addressing a workplace conflict
  • Notes the impacts of an unresolved workplace conflict
  • States the positive side of conflict and conflict resolution
  • Addresses the difficult conversations
    • Understanding how you and others approach conflict
    • Managing your emotions
  • Looking for win-win situations: an introduction to mediation
  • Offered in-person and live online over either Zoom or Microsoft Teams