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Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation's law firm represents individuals from all walks of life and businesses of all sizes and industries. Since opening our doors, we've guided countless clients in overcoming the legal challenges they've faced and try hard to obtain a swift and successful resolution to their cases.

We invite you to contact us at (705) 268-6492 to book a confidential consultation with our reputable law firm and get started on your path to a resolution.

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Employment Law Is Our niche

Employment disputes can threaten an individual's livelihood and even career. They can also cause irrevocable damage to the business employing the individual. At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we offer strategic legal advice and customized litigation services in employment law disputes. Our collective goal is to assist our clients in resolving legal disputes and obtaining their objectives as efficiently as possible with the lowest amount of inconvenience and discomfort on the client's end.

Our law firm draws on vast experience to counsel clients about their options and assist them in making decisions that are in the best interest of themselves and their careers. We've developed a well-known reputation for achieving cost-effective resolutions to complicated employment disputes. Whether we're representing small business owners, employees, corporate executives, or entrepreneurs, we work on every case with the passion and with the dedication it deserves.

Adept at Real Estate Law

Real estate law is also a big component of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation's practice. Our team of professionals is highly skilled at managing sophisticated, multifaceted property transactions that answer complicated purchaser or borrower requirements and the required paperwork for closing deals. We have been doing this for over 40 years.

To address the needs of an increasingly complex real estate industry, our law firm will work closely with you and all other involved parties to learn about every aspect of your situation and conclude with an exhaustive resolution that addresses every detail and leaves nothing to chance. Workplace Investigations We have received the training to conduct fair, unbiased, neutral and independent workplace investigations. If you require a workplace investigator to investigate a workplace harassment , sexual harassment or violence incident in the workplace , call the office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation.

Choose Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation for Your Next Legal Case/ or Workplace Investigation.

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we'll work through your case with you at every step. To simplify and streamline your legal situation for a positive and speedy conclusion, phone (705) 268-6492 to sit down with our winning team!

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