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Suzanne Desrosiers was the first Ontario Lawyer with a common law degree completely in French. During her thirty-four years of practice, Suzanne has enjoyed a very successful and satisfying career.

Our Firm’s Areas of Practice Include:

  • Employment Law;
  • Workplace Investigations on harassment and sexual harassment complaints.
  • Seminars for Upper Management in:
    • Employment Contracts;
    • Harassment and Bullying;
    • Human Rights;
    • Progressive Discipline; and
    • Workplace Investigations.
  • Seminars for Employees in:
    • 1. Human Rights; and
    • 2. Harassment and Bullying.
  • Real Estate Law;
  • Wills and Estate Law;
  • Business and Commercial Law;
  • Traffic Violations/Provincial Offences;
  • Small Claims;
  • Human Rights Claims; and
  • Aboriginal and First Nations Matters.