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There isn't a better team you could turn to for document notarization than Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. We’re an experienced team of notary publics, and we’re here to help you verify any important documents and proceed promptly with your transactions, legal procedures, and more.

If you want to know more about our notary service, have general questions about notarization, or would like to jump right into scheduling an appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please make use of our competitive rates and professional notary team. Call us at (705) 268-6492 to get started.

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Placing Official Seals on Your Documents

We’re a team of legal professionals that will help you ensure you receive all the official seals that your documents need to be verified and support your needs. Notaries are known by most as professionals who simply stamp your documents, but we do much more than just apply a seal.

We’re here to help you ensure that your documents look perfect and are fully vetted and authenticated by the time they leave our office. Our notaries won’t be able to help you fill in the document with your information—it must be filled out before you bring it to us. However, we’ll ensure that everything seems up to standard, notarize your documents, and seal them correctly.

Notarization Adds Trust to Documents

Because we’re certified as official witnesses to any signed document, hiring our services to authenticate your documents adds significant trust to the document. Regardless of who needs to see the documents after you bring them to us and for what purpose, having your documents officially notarized will help them be deemed trustworthy by most entities.

Please get in touch with our team if you need professional help with notarization. We’re always available to meet your notarization needs, and we're more than capable of answering any questions you might have about the process. As your local notary, we encourage you to bring all your notarization questions to us at your convenience.

Verifying Your Identity

Verifying your identity is one of the most critical aspects of our notarization services. We’ll take great care to ensure your identity is confirmed for the documents you bring to us, and there are multiple ways we’ll go about doing so. Verifying your identity and matching you to your documents will help ensure there are no bumps in the road regarding your documents.

Acting as an Official Witness

We’re certified and licensed to act as official witnesses on any document you bring to us. Regardless of the nature of your document—whether it's a mortgage document, research report, governmental documents, or anything in between—we have the knowledge you need to ensure your documents are correctly filled out and witnessed by the appropriate authority.

If you have questions about which documents we have the power to witness being signed, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to clear up any confusion.

Ensuring Your Documents Are Legally Binding

Another advantage of enlisting the services of a notary is to boost the standard to which your documents are legally binding. Many legal documents require a certain number of verified witnesses to any signatures. Having our team notarize your documents will help ensure that signees are encouraged to fulfill the obligations they’ve signed on the dotted line to accept.

As officially designated witnesses, our presence for your document signing helps ensure that all documents' legality is well-observed. We’ll communicate the importance and significance of what our being a witness to your document means and how it keeps you secure and holds your co-signers accountable.

Administering Necessary Oaths

As professional notary publics, we’re also commissioners of oaths. Being a commissioner of oaths means we’re encouraged by provincial legislation to administer the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations. This means we can act as witnesses to any official declarations that need to be made or certify that the declaration has been made properly. We don’t certify the truth of the information or statements provided—that remains the responsibility of the persons making the declarations themselves.

Please contact us if you need any clarification about what we can oversee.

A Public Official Confirming Information

One of the most important aspects of our notary service is taking down information accurately. Think of us as a second pair of objective and fully trained eyes—when we’re verifying your information, we’ll be very careful to ensure the information is accurate. We’re very strict about double-checking, and you can trust our team to help you receive the accurate documentation you need to move forward.

Carefully taking down your information is a very important aspect of our service. If you want to work with a notary known in the industry for being thorough, please call today to schedule an appointment.

Here for Government Documents Requiring Special Verification

Not all documents are easy to parse or make sense of—that's why we are here. We’re confident that we can provide you with the information you need to fill in your documents correctly and verify them before you take them to the next step.

Government documents are known to be very confusing. Bring them to us, and we’ll break everything down for you. We understand government documentation as we work with it every day. We’ll help you make the process of signing government documents less stressful. Even more importantly, you'll be confident that your documents are properly filled in by the time you leave our office.

Helping You Get Your Mortgage

Signing a mortgage is a big commitment, and that’s why it's one of those important documents that require our help. Mortgages must be taken very seriously when being signed. Often, they’re binding for periods of over 5 years.

Please bring your mortgage documents to us before handing them in—we’re the local team that can guarantee the correct signing of the papers. Once you have our signature on your mortgage, you can be sure that your documentation is filled in correctly and ready to be reviewed.

Why Choose Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation for Notary Services?

Do you need your important documents notarized quickly and effectively so you can process your paperwork efficiently? If so, look no further than Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. We understand that your time is precious to you and that you have many priorities to focus on besides getting your documents notarized. Rest assured, our legal professionals have the experience to provide you with swift and professional notary services

If you're seeking an extensive knowledge and expedited notary service, we invite you to contact us at (705) 268-6492 to book an appointment with our notary public team right away!

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Efficient Notary Services for Your Real Estate Needs

A home is likely the most valuable and expensive asset you'll obtain or sell in your lifetime. That's why it's best for you to ensure your transactional documentation is reviewed by our experienced notaries/lawyers. Whether you're looking to sell or buy, you can rely on us to confirm that your paperwork is in order and authenticated.

Are you planning to sell or buy a property and seeking a lawyer to help you close the transaction? Are you a title agent, lawyer, or broker in Canada or the United States looking for a qualified notary public in Ontario? Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation's notary publics have extensive experience dealing with various real estate papers and can streamline your documentation process.

Get Your Authentication and Legalization Services with Our Notary Public

Our notary public can notarize, legalize, and authenticate many different types of documents for you. We understand the standards for notarization required by embassies and consulates, as well as courthouses and city halls. We're familiar with the paperwork these institutions require, what format they need it in, and what must be included for your documentation to be considered valid. You can work with us to get your documentation correctly collated for your legal needs.

We can witness oaths, attest to the legal authenticity of essential documents, and more. Our notary public services are cost-effective, so you don't have to duplicate your paperwork or unnecessarily waste time and money in your documentation process. We supply advanced notary services for all kinds of legal documents, including real estate paperwork, authentication and legalization documents, wills, power of attorney documents, and more.

Get Your Will or Power of Attorney prepared by Our Team

Take the final steps to confirm your last wishes with seamless notary services from our team. We can safely prepare your will and power of attorney. Our notary public team is fully qualified and in good standing with the provincial law society to provide you with every notary service relevant to drafting your power of attorney and will documentation.

Hire Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation for Your Next Notary Service

Through our straightforward notary service, you can get your affidavits, attestations, statutory declarations, insurance claims, and travel letters notarized quickly and effectively. Dial (705) 268-6492 for an extensive knowledge notary public at your service.