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Progressive Discipline in the Workplace Training

Are you a federal or provincial organization or corporation? Are you looking to refine your workplace management tactics? If so, our training seminars on progressive discipline in the workplace might be for you.

The progressive approach to disciplinary actions is the healthy and positive approach. Our webinars and training sessions provide employers of all distinctions with a framework that they can adhere to when employees make repeated unacceptable conduct.

Having a rigorous, fair managerial strategy is key to the success of any business. Let our experienced employment lawyers be the ones you call when you are in need. Call 705-268-6492 now to learn more.

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Learn About Progressive Discipline in the Workplace

As an employer, we know that you want to cultivate a work environment that is as positive and nurturing as can be. You want to celebrate your employees' achievements and steer them toward success. Leading them toward continued growth and future accomplishments is a continuous task, though—and employers should keep them in mind even when they need to take disciplinary action.

This idea of employee advocacy is central to progressive discipline in the workplace. Employers should encourage their employees to improve in the wake of inappropriate behaviour. What's more, employees should be able to anticipate when they're on the brink of violating workplace guidelines—and that is something that can only be done by having clear expectations, legible disciplinary policies, and more. Also particularly for federal employers you can only terminate for just cause after one year of continuous employment, documenting and applying progressive discipline is one of the only means to support a just cause dismissal.

At our legal firm, we help employers cultivate this sort of workplace. During our training sessions, we will cover such topics as:

  • How to conduct disciplinary meetings
  • When is employee termination acceptable?
  • The benefits of progressive discipline
  • How to draft disciplinary letters
  • And more

Available for all Federal and Provincial Employers

Everyone stands to benefit from our training sessions, seminars, and workshops. Whether you are a newly established business with a small, family-like staff, or a long-established company with a robust Human Resources department. The refinement of workplace practices benefits everyone, from colleagues to employees old and new.

Progressive Discipline for a Positive Workplace

No employer wants their employees to live in fear of being terminated. Environments like that stifle creativity and lower morale. Those who want to steer their employees towards continual success cultivate an environment where employee errors are met with fairness, understanding, and zero surprises.

Our workshops show you how to implement transparent policies that protect the rights of employees and the internal health of your company. As an employer, you should always abide by the law that governs employment be it the Canada Labour Code, the Employment Standard Act, the Human Rights Code, and the Canadian Human Rights Act when steering employees towards success. Our training programs help you do just that.

Schedule Your Progressive Discipline Training Sessions

Progressive disciplinary policies benefit everyone in the workplace. Make sure your approach to disciplinary matters falls in line with the by scheduling in-person or remote training sessions.