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Quick responses and very polite

February 7, 2020

Suzanne was quick at returning my emails and calls and was able to help me out in a short period of time very pleased with her

Jill Riley

From: Jill Riley - February 7th 2020

Quick responses and very polite

Suzanne was quick at returning my emails and calls and was able to help me out in a short period of time very pleased with her

From: Earl Cheechoo, Deputy Chief of Moose Cree First Nation - January 20th 2020

Very enlightening and the Case Studies provided clarity on the issue of conflict of interest. This is a serious issue as it can impact the political career of an individual and can affect the confidence and trust of the membership.

I recently participated in the Conflict of Interest Training offered by Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the presentation very interesting. It provided more clarity on possible conflict of interest. The part I enjoyed the most is the case law.

From: Kalyan Jambunathan, Director HR, Moose Cree First Nation

The Training on Canada Labour Code and Harassment and Workplace violence by Suzanne was amply supported with relevant case laws, and was of top-notch quality. I would recommend every federally regulated employer to attend this great program. I came back certainly more enriched after attending this program.

From: E.V. - September 23rd 2019

Thank you very much for reaching out.

I contacted Suzanne in regards to a matter with an employment offer which I recently received. Last week the company I work for was bought out by a larger corporation. There are some issues in the offer that I wanted to clarify that relate to the number of hours worked per week, time banked, and overtime hours worked. The company is indicating in the offer that I can only be paid biweekly 75hrs and that my additional 5 hrs must be banked, which is in direct conflict with the minimum set by the employee standard act. Also the overtime hours by law the company must pay the overtime hours worked for anything after 44+ hours.

After contacting you I was reassured that these were the very bare minimum that the employer must offer.

I very much enjoyed your services and your advice regard this matter. I appreciate your help.

Recommendation of next step - Karen - September 20, 2019

Thank you to Suzanne for listening to the details of my legal matter and for offering suggestions about next steps.

From E. B.

I would like to thank the office of Suzanne Desrosiers for the consultation on the employment matter that I had to deal with. Your advice was very well given and taken in this matter.

Thanks again Suzanne.

Lawrence Jeffries, Executive Director of Sagashtawao Healing Lodge

I have recently participated in the HR Training provided by Suzanne Desrosiers as it relates to employment contracts, Human Right and the Canada Labour Code. I found the training awesome in the way it was explained very well and time was allowed for breaks and questions. The structure of the presentation was such that they used layman terms that were easy to understand and follow. It was excellent information that I can use in my organization. The sessions are evenly paced and questions were allowed to clarify various points. I have the seminars very helpful and enjoyed the fact that we could ask questions on the cases presented. I would note hesitate to recommend this training to all First Nation organizations. Personally I would be interested in participating in future sessions.

DM, ED of an Education Authority

I have participated in the training dealing with Employment Contracts that was offered by Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. The presented was very well presented with questions answered when asked. Received a lot of information from a Power Point presented and the presenter. The training presented was very good in providing information on a variety of topics. I would be interested in participating in future training sessions and I would recommend the training to others.

Jean Williams, Human Resources Officer Hishkoonikun Education Authority.

I participated in a number of HR Training sessions given by Suzanne Desrosiers of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the Human Rights sensitivity training very informative and the case law example really helped. What I enjoyed the most was the case law example and the videos. I would be interested in participating in future sessions and I would recommend this training to others.

Addison - Work place matter

She was very helpful and great in knowing what’s right and wrong to do to an employee and gave me great advice

Steven Millette - Awesome Service

She answered all my questions very easily over the phone when I thought I would have to make an appointment to sit down. Now i feel confident filing a complaint with the M.O.L.

Thank you.

Kathy Perreault, Resource Centre Coordinator for the Ojibway & Cree Cultural Centre

I participated in some HR Training with Suzanne recently. I absolutely loved the Human Rights Sensitivity training and would recommend it to any business or company. I also found the training on Employment Contracts very informative and interesting. Suzanne explained everything clearly and was happy to answer all our questions. I loved the Harassment and Bullying Training . There was a lot of great information. The session on Progressive Discipline provided a lot of great information. Suzanne is always happy to answer questions and thorough when someone asks questions. I really enjoyed it and would participate in future training and would definitely recommend this training to others.

Kim Piche, Executive Secretary for the Ojibway Cree Cultural Centre

I recently participated in the Human Rights Sensitivity Training, and other HR Training sessions with Suzanne. I found the sessions great and very educational. I learned so much. I really enjoyed the small group setting. I would be interested in participated in additional training and would recommend this HR Training to others.

Dianne Riopel - Executive Director O.C.C.C. - Timmins, ON - May 13th 2019

I am the Executive Director of the Ojibway Cree Cultural Centre. I had the opportunity recently to take HR Training with Suzanne Desrosiers I must say, I really enjoyed all the HR Training seminars I took namely Employment contracts, Human Rights, Harassment in the Workplace, Progressive Discipline and Steps to an effective termination. The training was all geared to a federally governed employer such our organization as we are governed by both the Canada Labour Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. The setting was very comfortable. Suzanne is very down-to-earth, friendly and very knowledgeable when it comes to Employment Law related issues.. I enjoyed spending time with Suzanne. She has a very good attitude and always willing to help you out.

I would recommend these types of training to all employers both provincially and federally governed employers. I really learned a lot by participating in this training. I am now looking into a lot of things/issues that I wasn’t aware before. It will be very beneficial in may line of work. Thank you Suzanne Desrosiers for all your help and friendship.

Matter of Wrongful Termination - A.

I sought Suzanne's help in a matter of wrongful termination. Although she was supposed to be on vacation the day after I contacted her, she still worked on my case, as there were crucial deadlines she didn't want to miss that made all the difference for me in the end. Suzanne is very knowledgeable and she gave me great advice. She also advised me that I could transfer my group life insurance into a personal plan within 30 days of termination, which is something that my employer had neglected to inform me of. I also felt like Suzanne genuinely cared about me and the situation I was in. I would recommend her to anyone who needs advice relating to employment law.

Very Welcoming - Jamie Leonard-Jetté

I came to Susanne for consultation for a school project concerning the legal domaine and she was was willing to sit and down and convey this information to me in the best way she possibly could have without any hesitation!

From: Conredge Solomon, Executive Director of Kashechewan First Nation

I participated in a number of HR training sessions with the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the training session on employment contracts particularly interesting. It was very interactive. What I enjoyed the most was the ability to see case law as it will help me made decisions. I would recommend this training to all federally governed organizations in First Nation communities.

From: Fay Zoccole Executive Director of Wikwemikong Board of Education

I participated in the Progressive Discipline training and other HR Training offered by the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found that it was an excellent presentation. Lots of information and food for thought. What I enjoyed the most was the great examples, the case law, and the sample letters. I would be interested in participating in future seminars presented by this office and I would recommend this training to others.

From: Tim Pangowish, Maintenance Supervisor Wikwemikong Board of Education

I participated recently in Harassment and Bullying training with the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation in my community of Wikwemikong. I found it to be very informative and opened my eyes and made me aware of all issues or problems that exist. I also enjoyed the feedback and responses from other colleagues in the WBE family

From: L Pitawanakwat, Wikwemikong Board of Education - HR Training: Harassment and Bullying Training

I recently participated in the Harassment and Bullying training given by the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the training most useful and appreciated the info, the video clips the talks etc. What I enjoyed the most was that we were provided with practical information....

From: M.K and T.K

We sought the legal advice from Suzanne and we found her to be very informative, protective of our interest, and very knowledgeable in her areas of practice where she explained to us how our decisions of today could impact the future of our families. She guided us in providing information that we had never stopped to consider and guided us in the right path that was in the best interest of our families.

From: Stephanie Sutherland - Secondary Principal - MHEC, Constance Lake

I recently participated in HR Training provided by the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found it provided good information. I would recommend it to other First Nations.

From: Ken Neegan - Education Administrator - Constance Lake Education Authority

I recently participated in the Human Rights Training Seminar, and Harassment and Bullying Seminar provided by Katherine Armstrong of the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I find it well done, stated what it was and examples and how it worked out. It provided useful information and can use it and apply it to work environment. The handouts, the use of short videos to give it meanings helped to understand it with a chance to ask questions.

From: Cindy Proulx - Principal - Constance Lake Education Authority

I recently participated in the HR Training provided by the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the various sessions to be very informative, with very clearly defined objectives.

Thank goodness my lawyer works Friday nights!

Our house sale and and the acquisition of our new "dream" home were scheduled to occur at 6:00pm on a Friday evening. Usually things move along during business hours to avoid any issues with the closing but a certain financial institution had been technologically out for most of the day, nation wide. My husband and I were fluttering with anxiety that we may be homeless for an evening with no hopes to store our possessions. Suzanne and her team worked tirelessly running from financial institutions to other legal offices and making countless phone calls to ensure we would meet our deadline, regardless of the nation wide barrier!!! They were reassuring and flexible but also vigilant and professional. It was not our first time using their professional services and certainly will not be our last. Thank you for the quick service, professionalism and reasonable rates for our house sale and purchase.

From: Bryanna Sutherland - Administrative Assistant at Constance Lake First Nation

I recently participated in the Harassment and Bullying Training with Suzanne Desrosiers of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found this seminar to be very informative and enlightening . Well presented. There were a lot of questions answered regarding where we are at as an organization. I really enjoyed the videos that went along with the power point presentation.

From: Gail (Jessica) Wesley - Human Resource Officer

I recently participated in some HR Training provided by Suzanne of the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found the training sessions very informative, and detailed. I enjoyed my time and learned a lot.

From: Mariah Wesley (Finance Officer - Hishkoonikun Education Authority)

I attended three (3) Training sessions of HR Training with the Office of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation on October 22,23rd,and 24th 2018. The training sessions were on the enforceability of Employment Contracts, Human Rights Sensitivity Training and Progressive Discipline in the workplace. I found the presentations very informative, and very clear. I have learned a lot from this training and can’t wait to go back to my community and share what I have learned.

From: Esther Ferris - Teacher/Principal JBMC School - Constance Lake Education Authority

I recently participated in the Human Rights Training Seminar provided by Katherine Armstrong of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I learned about issues in Human Rights that I didn’t think about or realized the outcomes that could happen.

From: Patrick and Suzanne Bellemare

In July of 2018, we requested the services of Suzanne Desrosiers Law Firm.

We were well greeted by Mrs. Desrosiers herself. We told her about our situation and she transferred us to Mrs. Katherine Armstrong, another lawyer at the firm. We arevery pleased with the service we received from Mrs. Armstrong. She was very professional, friendly and made us feel comfortable.

Mrs. Armstrong went above and beyond to help us with our case. Both my husband and I would gladly refer this law firm to anyone seeking legal advice. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Katherine Armstrong for everything she did for us.

From: Charlene Neegan - HR/Health and Safety Manager - Constance Lake First Nation

I recently participated in a number of sessions of the HR Training provided by the office of Suzanne Desrosiers . I found that it provided great information and I enjoyed the case law and videos that were presented.

Great Results

I found Suzanne and her team to be very friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, professional. They handled my workplace issue promptly, keeping me informed at every step of the way, which I found quite reassuring during this stressful time.

I am very pleased with the result of my case, job well done!

From: Christie Williams - Human Resources Officer - Kashechewan Health Services

I recently attended some HR Training with Suzanne of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. I found it very informative and learned a lot. I enjoyed how detailed the information was.

From: Dave

"Suzanne Desrosiers and her staff have helped me in a timely fashion, through this whole process of making sense of handling my father's estate. They were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable every step of the way, which made this difficult time a lot easier for me"

From: Fern Gamache

“I am very impressed as to how professional and time efficient Suzanne Desrosiers was with my case. Her qualifications exceeded my expectations. The time was of the essence and Ms. Desrosiers put her skills to work in no time and my case was finalized within a two weeks of preparation. I would recommend her to anyone who has any work-related issues.

It was a pleasure to know that Ms. Desrosiers was available at anytime and was always staying in contact and giving me the updates that were made available to her.

Great job Sue!!!

Thank you

From: Lisa Henry - Post Secondary Clerk and Education Counsellor, Vice Principal - MHEC, Constance Lake

I recently participated in HR Training, Human Rights and Progressive Discipline in the workplace. I found it very informative. I loved how she provided examples during the presentation.

From: W.C

“I received a telephone consultation with Ms. Desrosiers in regards to an employment-related matter. Ms. Desrosiers was very courteous, and provided answers to all my questions. She was very empathetic and understood how upsetting the situation was. Ms. Desrosiers provide information on how to arrive at all the facts by taking time to reflect and document to arrive at my story. This information was very helpful and quite frankly great advice. I very much appreciated the time she spent with me while respecting the fact that I was very upset. I will be using Ms. Desrosiers services in the near future. ”

From: Claude Bruneau - Timmins, Ontario

“On May 31, 2018, I attended the office of Suzanne Desrosiers for a consultation in regards to my late brother's estate and my role as executor. The reception by the staff friendly and courteous put me right at ease and the anxiety I had immediately left and I felt right at home.

Meeting with Suzanne Desrosiers the obligations and responsibilities of an executor were explained to me clearly and in my maternal language, leaving me with a clear vision as what to do. I write these few words to express my gratitude with the way I was treated by the staff as well as Suzanne Desrosiers.”

From: Phelan Scanlon

“Hi Suzanne:This is mt testimonial. "Recently I sat down with Suzanne and her associate to review a matter of importance to me. She was very helpful, professional, and listened well. She understood my situation and was very quick to put together some options for me. All this was done free of charge on a consultation basis. I have every confidence that she would represent me with energy and commitment with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Law. Suzanne and her firm understand the Law and bring compassion and respect to that understanding.”

From: Nathalie Morin

“Maître Suzanne Desrosiers démontre son professionalisme en étant à l'écoute des besoins de ses clients. Je n'ai pas regretté mon choix en consultant Maître Desrosiers. Elle a su me conseiller judicieusement dans mes démarches concernant la vente de ma maison. Malgré certains pépins rencontrés au courant de cette vente, Maître Desrosiers m'a appuyée et m'a aidée à surmonter ces obstacles. Mon expérience avec Suzanne a été très agréable. Ses frais sont très raisonnables et abordables. Merci Suzanne. ”

From: TB

“Suzanne was wonderful to speak to and very knowledgable with the situation I was in. Suzanne took the time out of her busy schedule to listen to me and I will not hesitate to recommend this firm to family and friends. Thank you very much for your time Suzanne”

From: SM - June 15th, 2017

“We reached out to you using the Law Society Referral Service.Thank you for the fast reply and great customer service. I would recommend your services to anyone”

From: JM - June 8th, 2017

“Suzanne Desrosiers was very quick to respond. She was calm , easy to talk to and very real. She is a very good choice to call.”

From: MF - April 2017

“This was my 2nd consultation with Suzanne and she really helped me, once again. The legal advice I was given will allow me to close the file with a favourable outcome. I recommend Suzanne for all legal needs.”

From: CD March 2017

“After calling multiple law firms for advice on dealing with a human rights issue for a family member who has mental health issues, I decided to call Suzanne. I am very pleased with the information she provided me with, and she educated me on matters which helped greatly. Her advice allowed me to make the best, informed decisions. We have been struggling for a number of years, very unhappy with our current situation and until speaking with her, had no hope of having our issues resolved. I now feel confident that things are going to get done in our case. She responds quickly to answer any questions you have. She is very professional and compassionate and went out of her way to help. Should you find yourself, or a loved one, in need of legal advice, I would highly recommend Suzanne. I am so grateful to have had you to help me with this most difficult time of my life.”

From: Veronica and Charles Nicholson March 27th 2017

"We were so pleased with the quality and services provided to us by Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation"

From: J.C. March 7th 2017

"I am located in Toronto and wanted to purchase land in Northern Ontario, so I called Suzanne's office for a price quote for a real estate transaction. She spoke with me more than once over the phone, asking a lot of relevant questions. I would not have thought to inquire with the seller about certain rights that should have come with the property. I was really lucky to have found Suzanne online, as her advice saved me from a costly mistake. She definitely knows her stuff. The price quote she gave me was consistent with three other offices I checked, in both Toronto and Northern Ontario. I got the impression that Suzanne is very conscientious, diligent, and experienced. Will definitely be contacting her again for future transactions. "

From: Daniel and Josée Carrière

"We have been clients with Suzanne Desrosiers Law office for many years. As Desrosiers Law office clients, we feel that our rights are always protected and treated with respect. Suzanne Desrosiers Law office has always been courteous, pleasant, knowledgeable, and quick to respond when any information is needed making it such that timelines are met, signatures required or booking appointments with you to further discuss your matter. Our experience with Suzanne Desrosiers Law office has always been successful, and we would recommend their services for all your future legal matters."

From: JB

"I was recently laid off and was offered a severance package with barely no time to accept or not. I wanted to be sure this was the best I could get, so I sent Suzanne an email on a Saturday at 23:00. I was extremely surprised to get a reply early the next day. She took care of everything and made me feel supported. If you ever have an employment issue and want the best advice, Suzanne Desrosiers is the person to call!"

From: Natalie

"Thank you so much in helping my family with my father in laws estate. This was a very difficult time for us and your honesty and professionalism was exactly what my mother in law needed in order to be able to get closure."

From: Judy Millette

"Suzanne Desrosiers is a straight shooter. She took the time to listen to my statement and asked questions pertinent to the case. She was straightforward and honest with me. It was good to have a discussion with a legal representative that was looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend Suzanne Desrosiers for all your legal needs. "

From: Yves R. Poitras - January 19th, 2017

"Dear Madam, On behalf of our Physical Education Department, teams, coaches, school administration, and athletes as well as their parents, I would like to thank you for your ongoing generous contribution to the "Mega Gala sportif de !'Ecole secondalre catholique Theriault". Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Throughout the school year, student athletes from various sports teams will benefit from this fundraiser. Theriault's 'Flamme' shines brightly because of generous donations like yours."


From: MF - December 15th, 2016

"My Dad and I went to visit Suzanne for a consultation. She was very professional and gave us options to consider. She reviewed our file and was very clear on what the next steps should be. We recommend Suzanne to anyone who needs legal advice as she was very helpful. Thanks Suzanne!"

From: GB November 1, 2016

"I recently found myself in need of legal consultation to resolve an employment issue. It was amazing to me the reaction from Suzanne and her team. Finding myself in a situation that was not foreseen was unfamiliar. I left Suzanne's office after my first visit feeling like there was a team behind me. Emails and phone calls were answered quickly, with sound advise; and on my schedule. The group's knowledge of employment law and standards is what I believe brought my case to a prompt resolution within 12 days. It was great pleasure to work with a team that produced quality results in a short period of time. I would recommend this group to anyone without hesitation."

From: David Marcos, November 2nd 2016

"I have been using Suzanne Desrosiers services for the past 3 to 4 years for the purchase of my commercial building , buy and sale of residential house and also for legal advices either personal or professional for my business.

I can honestly say that Suzanne has been always taking care of my interest in the most professional way in making sure no details were overlooked and that I clearly understand everything that was involve in any of my purchase or sale.

Even her staff works in the same spirit , and you can be sure that you are treated as a person and not as another file in the pile. Her office in one of the rare law office I dealt with in my career that we can feel we are understood and treated as such and that we can make decision being totally aware and confident.

Beyond the money quality of services seems to be the rule in Suzanne’s office.

I would highly recommend Suzanne’s office to anybody that is looking for legal advice and/or purchase of any kind of building.

I would like to thank Suzanne , Liz and Lubov and the rest of the team for their great services and looking forward for future business."

From: Adrian Panes

"Are you looking for a team of legal eagles? I recommend Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation. They helped me with a real estate purchase recently, and I found them to have all the qualities you want in a professional corporation: They're responsive, they're insightful, and they're accurate."

From: Mary Williams, General Manager Kashechewan Power Corporatione

"Suzanne has been the lawyer for Kashechewan Power Corporation since before 2007 when I became the General Manager of KPC. Suzanne has provided our organization with guidance on any Employment Law/Human Resources issues faced by our organization including reviewing and amending our Personnel Policies and Procedure. Suzanne is easy to talk to and very accommodating. I have found her very knowledgeable in this area of practice. I would highly recommend Suzanne as an Employment Law/Human Resource Lawyer for any Employer including First Nation organizations such as ours."

From: Cheryl Raiche

"Getting answers and having your case move ahead is important. Having a person care enough to support what is right for you counts. I am satisfied and seen how Suzanne and her team stand by her clients first hand. Listening, caring and doing is what is best describes my experience, while taking into consideration the costs involved. You want someone to go the distance she is the one to represent you. ”

From: Norm E. Sudbury

"Suzanne Desrosiers is extremely competent, trustworthy and seems to really care about her clients. She takes the time to explain the process so that you understand what is going on with your case. She answers your e-mails and phone calls in a very timely manner.

Suzanne and her staff are very polite, caring and dedicated people who are committed to getting the matter solved.

My family and I are very grateful to have had her for a lawyer.

I would highly recommend Suzanne Desrosiers to anyone.”

From: B.N. Date: May 6th 2015

"I am presently the Band Manager of the Fort Albany First Nation. Prior to this I occupied the position of Business Manager with Attawapiskat Education Authority. I first met Suzanne when she was providing a Seminar to a Board of our First Nation in the area of Employment Law a number of years ago. I found her to be very knowledgeable and she is very sensitive to the needs of our First Nations. In fact I have been dealing with Suzanne on behalf of my last two employers in the area of Employment Law for many years. She is always prompt to respond to my calls or emails and if she is not available immediately she will set a time to discuss the matter at the first opportunity. I even had her call me while she was on holidays last year as there was a pressing matter that needed to be dealt with. I would highly recommend Suzanne as an Employment Lawyer to my counterparts. ”

From: Cliff Collin Date: June 27, 2011

"I have recently purchased an apartment building. One of my friends told me about Ms. Desrosiers' office and how well they handled his last property investments. That same day I called and they conveniently booked me in for 5H30 p.m. to work around my schedule. That’s when I knew I had something good.

Ms. Desrosiers was amazing at guiding me starting in the late fall 2010 with the purchase of an 8 unit apartment building. She had some really good advice that in the end saved me thousands of dollars. This was because of the experience in this field that she knew what to look at to avoid any problems before they would even occur. Ms. Desrosiers provided me with an agreement of purchase and sale that stated that it was the responsibility of the vendor to have a tenant evicted at his expense for non-payment of rent and damage to the property. The agreement also stated that the closing of the transaction would be extended until the vendor successfully evicted the tenant that was in default of rent so that I did not have that problem when I first acquired the property.

I found Ms. Desrosiers really easy to talk to and accessible when I required her services. I would send her an email and within the same day I had a response. Also, if she needed something from me she would call and send an email to make sure that it did not get forgotten. She was always prompt in providing me with her services even to the point that she drafted an agreement for me over a weekend because she knew that it was very important for me to have the same done during that time period.

I am seeing Ms. Desrosiers for other business ventures. This time I will seek her advice before taking any steps. I have already saved time and money as a result of her guidance. Thanks Suzanne and your Team”

Sincerely, Cliff Collin

From: Veronica Nicholson, Executive Director - Timmins Native Friendship Centre

"Suzanne has been the solicitor for the Timmins Native Friendship Centre (TNFC) for a great number of years even before I first became the Executive Director. Suzanne has been providing the TNFC with guidance with respect any employer-employee situations that we have encountered that have the potential of becoming litigious. Suzanne has also represented our interest in the acquisition of some real estate. I have found that we have been provided sound advice and good guidance from Suzanne Desrosiers in our legal endeavours. She will be very frank with us and advise us if we have a strong case and to stand strong on our position. She will also be very forthright when our position is weak and we should consider a settlement of the issues. Communication is key and Suzanne has always offered an open line of communication with both myself and my upper management staff. Through my years of experience as an Executive Director I have found that it is preferable to seek legal advice first prior to taking any steps as opposed to trying to undo a step that has already been taken. Suzanne has always made herself available to provide us with that guidance and avoid any “surprises".".

Yours very truly. Veronica Nicholson

August 3, 2011

I am the President and one of the owners of Kia of Timmins. I have dealt with Suzanne Desrosiers as a lawyer for the past 26 years. I initially met Suzanne while working with Riverside Acres of Timmins Limited, a major developer in the City of Timmins at the time. Suzanne was the solicitor who dealt with the sale of the lots alone, the sale of the house alone (without the lot), or the sale of both the lot and the house as a package deal, which were being built by Riverside Acres of Timmins Limited for individual clients. She acted Riverside Acres of Timmins Limited for approximately 15 years, until all the lots owned by the developer were sold. Suzanne and her team were always well organized in their work and they were very much “team players” in getting the work done in a timely fashion. I am now involved in another venture personally involving the sale and leasing of vehicles, and some real estate. Suzanne continues to represent my interest as well as the interest of my companies. She has always provided us with sound legal advice in my business ventures. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone particularly in the area of Real Estate and Employment Law.

Yours very truly, Bruce Stewart - President - KIA Motors


To whom it may concern:

I am the chairperson of the Board of Mundo Peetabeck Education Authority (MPEA) which is an arm of the Fort Albany First Nation. I can indicate that Suzanne Desrosiers has been the lawyer for the M.P.E.A. in issues dealing with Employment Law matters going back to 2005 when she was retained to draft some employment contracts. During my term as the chairperson of the Board we have had to deal with a number of employment law issues and some that were not easy to deal with. Suzanne was always readily accessible to discuss matters of concern with our Board even after normal business hours. Suzanne is the type of lawyer who will provide you with the options that are available to you and the consequences associated with each option leaving the Board to make the ultimate decision. Suzanne also offers seminars on Employment Law related matters and on Board Governance both in person and via webinar. I have personally participated in some of her seminars which I have found very informative. I would highly recommend individuals in management positions as well as Board of Directors responsible for Employees participate in such Seminars. Trusting the same is satisfactory.

Yours very truly, Liz Kataquapit - Chairperson of the Board. of Mundo Peetabeck Education Authority.