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Human Rights Sensitivity Training

Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation is committed to offeringlegal guidance through our human-rights sensitivity training programs. With over 40 years of combined experience to build upon, our webinars target upper management, executives, and employers who aim to protect their organizations from legal implications associated with regulations surrounding human rights violations.

We make it easier than ever to certify members from every department of your organization by providing 24/7 access to our coursework and encouraging you to work at the most convenient and comfortable pace.

Our courses aim to keep your organization from experiencing the perils of mistakes that carry heavy legal consequences and are priced to be compatible with companies of all sizes. Upon completing our course, you will receive a certificate of participation to add to your records.

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What You Will Learn During Our Human-Rights Awareness Training

Human rights awareness training is vital because most employers don't begin the day with the intention of causing a violation. Human rights issues can and do arise unintentionally and can cause a lot of harm. The solution is to take preventative measures.

During our customized human rights awareness training, your top employees will learn:

  • What discrimination within the workplace means
  • What types of conduct constitute discrimination under the CHRA and OHRC
  • Case studies that illustrate prohibited discriminatory behaviour, and what types of penalties companies faced as a result
  • Your responsibility to accommodate to the point of undue hardship
  • The meaning of undue hardship and bona fide occupational requirements and how they apply to your organization

Does your executive team have previous training or experience with strategies that can be used to prevent human rights errors from occurring? Without up-to-date knowledge of current regulations, you could be facing severe blind spots that could put the future success of your company at risk.

Our lawyers have offered valuable legal insight to organizations for over two decades. Gain a thorough understanding of the legal ramifications of human rights infractions on your organization and how to mitigate damage while satisfying your obligations to the law.

Who Can Benefit from Human Rights Sensitivity Training?

Human rights sensitivity training can benefit managers, HR personnel, executives, board members, and business leaders. Without these critical tools, your organization could be at risk of entering into uncharted territory with no guidance, should you find yourself facing legal issues surrounding human rights.

With classwork set at your own pace, team members of all backgrounds can feel free to make their way through our material. Speak to our licensed lawyers for more details on how understanding your legal responsibilities makes dealing with and preventing human rights violations much more straightforward.

Register Your Management Team for Online Human-Rights Sensitivity Training

Strengthen your business with online human-rights sensitivity training that prepares your leadership team to successfully navigate your organization's legal responsibilities.

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