Available for Federal & Provincial Employers

Those in attendance will learn:

  • What are the grounds for a human rights complaint?
  • What constitutes discrimination and harassment in the workplace?
  • What are the duties of an Employer as it relates to Human Rights?
  • What are the consequences to the Employer if discrimination is shown to have taken place?

No one purposely sets out with the intention to discriminate. Often times, Employers/Managers/Supervisors do not realize that they have discriminated against an Employee.


  • An Employee has numerous absences due to his/her alcoholism. To terminate him/her would be discriminatory as he/she is considered to have a disability (alcoholism);
  • A more senior Employee is informed by his/her Employer that he/she is too old to do his/her job and/or has been told that he/she should retire. This is considered to be discrimination based on age;
  • An Employee’s work performance is not satisfactory; however, she is also pregnant. While there are performance issues, if that Employee were terminated, she would be likely to argue that she was discriminated against because of her pregnancy.

Who should attend this Seminar?

  • Management Team; and
  • People in Supervisory Positions.
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