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Harassment & Violence in the Workplace Training

Available for Federal, Provincial Employers & Non-Profit Organizations

What you will learn:

  • What is harassment, sexual harassment, and bullying in the workplace
  • What is NOT considered to be harassment and/or bullying
  • What is lateral violence
  • What are the effects of harassment, bullying, and lateral violence
  • How are incidents reported
  • How are incidents investigated
  • Can Employers/Supervisors/Employers be held liable
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Harassment training Harassment training

Additional Information

  • ALL Employers have an obligation to provide their Employees with a workplace environment that is FREE from harassment and bullying
  • It does NOT matter whether or not the individual had an intention to harass or bully the Employee; the focus is on the impact of that individual’s behaviour
Harassment training

Who Should Attend this Seminar

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors (all positions)
  • Employees (all positions)
  • Individuals who will be recognized as Workplace investigators under Bill C-65 which is an amendment to the Canada Labour Code and set to be implemented in 2020
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