Available for Federal & Provincial Employers/Employees

Those in attendance will learn:

  • What is harassment, sexual harassment, and bullying in the workplace?
  • What is NOT considered to be harassment and/or bullying?
  • What is lateral violence?
  • What are the effects of harassment, bullying, and lateral violence?
  • How are incidents reported?
  • How are incidents investigated?
  • Can Employers/Supervisors/Employers be held liable?
Harassment training Harassment training

Some Additional Information:

  • ALL Employers have an obligation to provide their Employees with a workplace environment that is FREE from harassment and bullying.
  • It DOES NOT MATTER whether or not the individual had an intention to harass or bully the Employee. The focus is on the impact of that individual’s behaviour.

Who should attend this Seminar?

  • Directors;
  • Managers;
  • Supervisors (all positions); and
  • Employees (all positions).
Harassment training