Employment Contracts and Policies

We believe that the start of every good employment relationship is a clear, fair and legally enforceable employment contract and user-friendly policies. Our firm drafts employment contracts and policies for employers with a view to protecting the organization. The law surrounding employment contracts is rapidly evolving so contracts that may have been enforceable in the past may not be valid today. Having an unenforceable contract opens employers up to a lot more risk and potential financial consequences. Our team of lawyers can review and amend your existing contracts to ensure they are up to date.

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Policies and employment contracts go hand-in-hand and they are not one-size-fits-all. Employment contracts should reference the employment policies to ensure the policies are incorporated in the governing of the employment relationship. As every employer is different, our team of lawyers can curate the right policies that can be practically applied in your organization. Investing in your employment contracts and policies is important because it provides a road map for your organization and the staff you employ to be able to deal with various issues that may come up during the employment relationship.

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The SDLaw e-Learning & Training Centre offers a self-paced course for employers on this topic entitled Employment Contracts MasterClass.