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Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation provides a vast range of legal services for businesses, councils, and individuals in Timmins and the surrounding area. With over 30 years of experience, we are the leading specialist in employment law, family law, human rights, aboriginal issues, and First Nations governance. Whether you need workplace training or are seeking to file litigation, you can trust our team to get you the results you want.

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Client-Focused Care from a Leading Local Law Firm

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we are committed to delivering professional legal services with the highest level of client-focused care. We are passionate about what we do. Honesty, integrity, and respect are the core principles of our law firm, and those qualities shine through everything that we do.

We treat each of our clients with the care and attention that they deserve. What we offer is a personalized, boutique experience where your needs come first. If you've endured legal hardship, put your trust in us to help you through it.

In-Depth Case Reviews

Whether you are looking for straightforward legal advice or would like to meet with a lawyer to begin working on a case, we will be happy to answer all your legal questions during a personalized case review. Our knowledgeable attorneys will thoroughly review the details of your case to determine the best course of action. You can depend on us to evaluate the situation in detail and explain all possible legal proceedings and outcomes in a forthright, sensitive manner. Our law firm functions with the utmost integrity, and we always provide our community with solid and dependable legal counsel.

As much as case reviews allow us to familiarize ourselves with your legal options, this initial consultation is equally intended to be an opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with our firm. The strength of our client relationships is the bedrock of our business. In all aspects of your case, we intend to begin with mutual understanding and trust.

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Full-Service Business, Family, and Employment Lawyer

Here to Help with All Your Needs

We are a full-service law firm capable of helping with a diverse range of legal issues. Employees, employers, tenants, property managers, First Nations bands, provincial or federal institutions: All stand to benefit from our quality legal services.

We can help with:

  • HR training
  • Employment law
  • Workplace investigations
  • Harassment and bullying issues
  • First Nations governance
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Indigenous rights issues
  • Human rights issues
  • Negligence-type civil litigation
  • Real estate law
  • Estate planning
  • Family law
  • ...and more

We are available for legal consultations, investigations, arbitrations, negotiations, and civil litigation. Whatever your situation, you can count on us to find the solution.

Bilingual Legal Services

We are proud to serve both Ontario's French- and English-speaking populations. We are a fully bilingual law firm, and we're happy to carry out all communication in either English or French.

Employment Law for Employers and Employees

Our legal firm offers sound representation for both employers and employees in Ontario.

For Employers

We have experience representing provincially and federally governed employers with a broad array of services. We have helped our clients successfully conduct internal and external workplace investigations. We also frequently assist our clients with drafting a spectrum of legal documents, including, but not limited to:

  • Fixed-term contracts
  • Indefinite contracts
  • Executive contracts
  • Employment/HR policy manuals
  • Discipline letters
  • Termination letters

For Employees

If you are a current or former employee that has faced harassment, discrimination, or unfair discipline, suspension, or termination, you may have a right to file a Human Rights Complaint. At our firm, we leverage decades of experience and intimate knowledge of the Canada Labour Code to provide employees of all ages and positions with tenacious and fierce representation.

HR Training

One of our firm's specialties is in the field of employment law, particularly as it pertains to the Canada Labour Code. We regularly host training events and development seminars for senior management teams in all sectors throughout the province of Ontario. Our previous training groups have included both Federal employers, Provincial employers, and Non-Profit organizations. We often tailor our training programs to suit the unique needs of your organization and/or field.

Our human resources training encompasses:

  • Human rights sensitivity training.
  • Steps to ensure the enforceability of an Employment Contract.
  • Steps for effective progressive discipline in the workplace.
  • Steps to ensure a proper termination of employment.
  • Harassment and violence in the workplace.
  • Understanding the Canada Labour Code.
  • Executive director and Board relationship building.

We can perform these informative workshops, either in-person or via an online platform. Click to access our up-to-date Training Calendar or reach out to our firm by phone for further details.

Real Estate Law

Our experience in real estate law extends as far back as the very beginning of our practice. We provide start-to-finish assistance with the purchase and sale of homes and commercial properties. We can equally help with title transfers, refinancing, mortgages, and permit and zoning issues. Please visit our Real Estate Law page for a more in-depth overview of our real estate legal services.

Trustworthy Legal Aid

When it comes to the law, knowledge is everything. Having a comprehensive understanding of the legal code is crucial for navigating trials and providing accurate counsel. Fortunately for you, Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation has over three decades of experience in legal services. We pride ourselves on both our consistency and success rate—not only are we good at what we do, but we strive for excellence with every case we take. When dealing with the intricacies of the law, it can be a gamble to work with an unproven firm. Instead, put your trust in a dedicated team that has proven themselves time and time again.

Lawyers Who Work with Your Budget

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we are certainly not just in it for the paycheque. We are passionate legal professionals who get a genuine sense of satisfaction from helping our clients. Over the past three decades, we have helped our clients lead fulfilling lives and put their legal concerns behind them.

We plan to uphold this honor through our continued commitment to our clients and reasonably priced legal aid. We create genuine bonds with our clients, and we are happy to take on cases of all sizes. Depending on the specifics of your case, we are even able to offer reduced prices on our representation. Getting proper legal counsel shouldn't cause additional stress. Put your trust in our attorneys for the support you need.

Hardworking Legal Professionals

Many hands make light work. This is true in most situations and is one that we adopted for our law firm. We have an impressive roster of hardworking legal professionals who will make sure your entire process with our practice is pleasant and beneficial. Our attorneys and staff members are highly trained and dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible.

Our team leverages extensive experience in court and out of court. We showcase a long track record of success in all our practice areas. To learn more about our hardworking, certified staff, visit Our Team page. We also invite you to explore what past clients have said about us on our Testimonials page.

Thorough and Efficient Attorneys

Our extensive experience in the field, combined with our dedication to our clients, results in legal aid that is both all-encompassing and practical. We work vigilantly to make sure we take all of the relevant details of your case into account and get back to you within a reasonable time frame. Our refined and systematic approach to our service allows us to leave no stone unturned as we quickly get you the results you are looking for.

The Local Lawyer with an Impeccable Record of Success

Diligent, dependable, and professional—Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation has developed a strong reputation for success as a law firm. We are renowned for our sound legal strategies, expert advice, and thoughtful, considerate approach. Taken together, those qualities ensure that each of our clients stands the best chance at a successful resolution to their case.

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. It has earned us the praise of our peers, the respect of the community, and the acclaim of our clientele. We are the number one choice for many in the area looking for quality legal services. And we can be yours, too.

Don't hesitate. With us at your side, you have a lawyer who's ready to defend your interests and protect your rights.

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