Employment Law for Provincially Governed Private Sector Employers


The Employment Standard Act 2000 (ESA 2000) sets out the minimum standards that a provincially governed private sector Employer must comply with. The obligations under the ESA 2000 are different than under the Canada Labour Code (which is the statute that governs federally governed employers). Under the ESA 2000 employers must insure to abide by the proper standards, such as those pertaining to overtime pay, statutory holidays and leave obligations (maternity leave, parental leave, sick leave, emergency leave).

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Our firm can assist Employers in maintaining a safe and productive workplace by drafting or amending workplace/Human Resources policies that address the specific needs of an Employer all while conforming to the ESA 2000 of Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and other applicable legislations.

Employers can be assured that their interests will be protected during the hiring, discipline and termination process. Our firm will conduct confidential workplace investigations that are protected by Solicitor/Client privilege. We also offer in person and online seminars and HR/Human Resources Courses/Training to educate Upper Management on various employment related issues.

Offered to both Federally and Provincially Governed Employers

We draft various types of Employment Contracts such as:

  • Fixed term contracts
  • Indefinite contracts
  • Executive Contracts

We also draft and revise Employment/Human Resources Policy manuals:

  • To meet the minimum requirements of either the provincial and federal legislation
  • Tailor the Employment/Human Resources policies to your specific organization

We regularly draft on behalf of employers:

  • Discipline letters
  • Termination letters

We also provide guidance with all Human Resources type of disputes.

Our firm also provides guidance of the type workplace investigation you should consider:

  • Conduct the workplace investigation yourself
  • Conduct an external workplace investigation when:
    • The complaint is highly sensitive
    • There is a hint of conflict of interest
    • The dispute involves more senior individuals in the organization
    • The allegations are particularly serious
    • The dispute involves complicated legal or technical issues
  • When a workplace investigation is conducted by a lawyer the solicitor client privilege is retained which protects the Employer if made in anticipation of litigation

We pride ourselves on working in collaboration with Employers to develop in person and online workshops, HR/Human Resources seminars and e-Learning courses and training material tailored to their specific needs to guarantee learning outcomes. For more information visit our SDLaw e-Learning & Training Centre and upcoming events in our SDLaw calendar.

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