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Employment Lawyer for Federally Governed Employers

Federally regulated employers have an obligation to comply with the Canada Labour Code. This imposes specific obligations on federally governed employers. Our firm can assist in ensuring that workplace/human resources policies comply with the mandatory minimum standards imposed by the Canada Labour Code, such as: overtime pay, vacation time, statutory holidays and various leaves (maternity leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, compassionate care leave, parental leave, etc.).

Our experienced staff can also facilitate the hiring process of new employees from the job posting , the interview questions, the letter of offer, etc. Furthermore, we can draft employment contracts/letters of offer tailored to the particular needs of the employer. This firm also offers HR/Human Resources Training/ Courses for Upper Management, both in person and on-line, to educate federally governed employers. It is a must to be aware of the legislation such as: the Canada Labour Code and Canadian Human Rights Act to avoid discriminatory hiring practices.

The firm of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation (Lawyers) regularly assists federally governed employers such as First Nations during the discipline or dismissal process by ensuring progressive discipline measures are properly followed, and by drafting discipline or dismissal letters as required. We have the experience necessary to inform employers on issues such as: determining if just cause can be established, the risk of terminating an employee without just cause, the risk of having to rehire a terminated employee under the Canada Labour Code and the negotiation of the termination/severance pay commonly referred to as the severance package.

Federally governed employers are any employers that are typically doing business across boarders such as:

  • First Nations and their umbrella organizations such as an Education Authority, a Health Authority, a Power Corporation;
  • Airline Companies;
  • Bus/ Transport Companies that travel outside the province;
  • Shipping businesses;
  • Banks etc..


We draft various types of Employment Contracts such as:

  • Fixed term contracts;
  • Indefinite contracts; and
  • Executive Contracts.

We also draft and revise Employment/ Human Resources Policy manuals:

  • To meet the minimum requirements of both the provincial and federal legislation;
  • Tailor the Employment/Human Resources policies to your specific organization.

We also regularly draft on behalf of employers:

  • Discipline letters; and
  • Termination letters;

We also provide guidance with all Human Resources type of disputes.

We also provide guidance on the type workplace investigation that you should consider.