Employment Law for Employees

Are you being harassed or bullied at work? Are you being discriminated against because of your age, place of origin, your sex, sexual orientation, your religion, your family status, a disability, or a criminal conviction for which you have received a pardon? Have you been suspended with or without pay or have you been too harshly disciplined? You may have a right to file a Human Rights Complaint or advance a constructive dismissal claim.

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Have you been terminated, and you don’t know where to turn? Have you been offered a severance package and you are not sure if it is a fair offer? Contact us to schedule an in person or virtual consultation with our team of experienced lawyers. We can provide you with a legal opinion such as: is the severance satisfactory considering your age, the years of service, and the position that you held with the company.

REPRESENTING EMPLOYEES in a Wrongful or a Constructive Dismissal Claim

Our firm also offers representation to Employees who have been wrongfully terminated, or who were forced to leave their employment because the Employer has changed an important part of the terms of their employment agreement without their consent. In such cases, you may be considered to have been constructively dismissed and you may be entitled to a similar severance as if you were wrongfully dismissed.