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We regularly act for EMPLOYERS in Employment law related matters from drafting their employment contracts, to reviewing and amending their employment policies, to drafting discipline letters and termination letters on their behalf.

We assist in all Employment related matters for both provincially governed Employers governed by the Employment Standard Act 2000 (ESA 2000) and federally governed Employers governed by the Canada Labour Code such as a First Nations and an airline.

We also provide workplace investigations for JUST CAUSE terminations and Human Rights complaints and Employment Policy violations. In the alternative, we provide guidance to Employers in workplace investigations concerning in the steps to follow for an effective workplace Investigation.

We also we provide Power Point training seminars to EMPLOYERS in Employment Law related matters such as:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Effective steps to proceed with a workplace termination
  • Human Rights issues to consider
  • Canada Labour Code
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Other Employment Law Related training

The training can be custom made to fit the needs of your specific organization. Employment Law is closely related to business law when you wish to buy or sell a business. One needs to be knowledgeable in Employment Law. Failing to address this important issue can be the downfall of the business for both the vendor and the purchaser. If you are considering purchasing a business or selling your business, we can provide you with valuable advice before you even commence negotiations, since you are considering the purchase or sale of assets or shares. We also offer DEFENCE type of work to Employers where they are alleged to have wrongfully dismissed an Employee or have been alleged to have Constructively Dismissed an Employee.

REPRESENTING EMPLOYEES in a Wrongful or a Constructive Dismissal Claim

We also offer representation to Employees who have been wrongfully terminated, or who were forced to leave their Employment because the Employer has changed an important part of the terms of their employment agreement without the consent of the Employee. In such cases you may be considered to have been constructively dismissed and you may be entitled to a similar severance as if you were wrongfully dismissed.