Employment/HR/Human Resources Lawyer for First Nations / Inuit & Métis Nation

As a federally governed private sector employer, First Nations must comply with the standards set out in the Canada Labour Code (C.L.C.). It is important that First Nations employers understand the CLC and that they have Human Resources policies and practices that comply with the minimum standards set out in the CLC. We have been practicing in this area of law since the late 1990's, representing a number of First Nation organizations along the James Bay Coast together with their Umbrella Organizations such as: Education Authority, Health Services and Power Corporation. We have also been assisting the Timmins Native Friendship Centre and continue to assist the Ininew Friendship Centre in HR related matters. We also provide training to their Board of Directors who sit on First Nation Organizations to ensure compliance with the CLC. In addition, we have the knowledge to draft, revise and update employment Human Resources policies for these types of organizations.

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Our knowledgeable staff is also skilled in drafting and revising employment contracts/letters of offer together with service contracts to ensure that the best interests of your organization is safeguarded. Our firm offers a variety of legal services with respect to Employment/Human Resources related matters including:

  • Assistance in drafting discipline letters/termination letters
  • Guidance in the dismissal/termination of employees in order to keep the damages at a minimum
  • Conduct workplace investigations that may be protected by client/solicitor privilege
  • Offer sound legal advice on various work-related issues

Our firm offers in person and online training courses and development seminars to First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation organizations to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation and the traditional customs of the Band in:

  • Governance
  • Conflict of interest

For more information visit our SDLaw e-Learning & Training Centre and upcoming events in our SDLaw calendar.

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