As a school board, adapting to the constantly evolving demands of your institution and employees can be challenging. Ensuring everyone is on the same page and complying with relevant legislation is a crucial responsibility.

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation we provide customized human resources training services that can be designed to fit your workplace. With our help, you and your educational staff can get customized training that includes material on things from human rights training to progressive discipline training and much more.

The Goal of HR Training for Educators and Educational Boards

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we’ve developed human resources training that can help School Boards and Education Authorities understand the employment law issues that they may face in the education industry.

Our custom HR training can be held in person or virtually, and it is an excellent resource for helping upper management understand their employment law obligations. We consider your particular institutional environment and modify our seminars to include personalized training concerning your workplace policies and collective agreement, if any.

What Does the Customized Training Include?

Drawing on recent cases affecting schools, teachers, and educational professionals, we help you and your team to tackle issues on a number of complex employment law matters. We try to ensure you have an understanding the legislative landscape to keep your organization operating smoothly.

Our training can be customized so you can learn about the following, in detail, in the context of the education industry:

  • Human rights
  • Duty to accommodate
  • Duty to inquire
  • Workplace harassment
  • Workplace violence
  • Workplace conflict resolution
  • Progressive discipline
  • Termination

Beyond the materials themselves, we also cater our delivery method to accommodate your needs. We prefer delivering our seminars in person to build strong connections with the participants, but we also offer the training through live virtual sessions to accommodate your busy schedule.

Connect With Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation to Discuss HR Training Today

At Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation, we leverage decades of combined legal experience and knowledge to provide exceptional HR training. Our legal team has helped numerous education authorities and school boards adapt to changing regulations, and we’re passionate about developing robust training that prepare you to face employment law-related challenges.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training packages or scheduling a consultation with our legal team, please call us at (705) 268-6492 or email us at