Progressive Discipline in the Workplace Training

Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation offers progressive discipline-in-the-workplace training that gives your upper management personnel the tools needed to coach employees through complex tasks and correct mistakes with clarified instructions that help mitigate future problems.

Your organization will experience many benefits from implementing a successful discipline policy that is legally sound and defensible in a court of law. That’s where our advisors shine. With over 40 years of combined legal experience, our webinars are ideal for organizations that would like to implement a successful discipline strategy that aligns with all employment laws.

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Properly applying progressive discipline is especially important for federally regulated employers because if an employer would like to end the employment relationship with an employee who has worked from them for more than 12 continuous months, then they need to prove just cause to terminate the relationship. Progressive discipline need to be properly applied to be able to prove just cause.

Extend our training to management teams across all departments of your organization with our affordable webinars that are designed to be accessed at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to completing our coursework at your own pace, we also offer corporate discounts to larger groups. Get in touch to request a quote today.

What Is Progressive Discipline in the Workplace Training?

Our progressive discipline in the workplace training is designed to give your human resources and management teams a straightforward and legal guide to correcting mistakes and inappropriate conduct. Our webinars outline the function and importance of each of the 5 steps in the process. We aim to give your staff an understanding of how following these steps protects your organization from liability and legal repercussions.

Would you like to learn more about how adopting a progressive discipline policy will reduce the risks of legal action against your organization on behalf of dissatisfied employees? Connect with our team to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

What are the Steps of the Progressive Discipline Approach?

The progressive discipline approach follows a general step-by-step process designed to give the employee clear instructions and opportunities to correct the behaviour or actions that have led to upper management's dissatisfaction. These steps are supposed to be proportional to the employee misconduct, and no not need to be followed in exactly this order. Employers may use the same step more than once if needed. It is not a three-strikes-you're-out system, but is meant to be adapted and catered to the specific issue at hand.

The following is a brief outline of the steps involved:

  1. A verbal warning
  2. A written warning
  3. Suspension without pay, normally in graduated increments
  4. Termination

Our training sessions go into deep detail, answering your questions and giving you clear guidance on applying this process in different circumstances when inappropriate behaviour arises in your workplace. Get in touch to learn more about the discounted rates for larger-sized groups.

What You Can Expect to Learn from Our Progressive Discipline Training

You should expect to come away from our progressive discipline training with a clear picture of how to apply the concepts and steps outlined within your progressive discipline policy.

Our webinar on this topic covers the following and more:

  • The purpose and value of implementing progressive discipline training
  • The types of conduct that can trigger disciplinary action from an employer
  • How to apply progressive discipline
  • What should be included in a disciplinary letter
  • The proper procedure for conducting disciplinary meetings
  • Case studies with examples of correct and incorrect implementation
  • When you should not apply progressive discipline

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