Bill C-65 Training for Employers and Employees

As of January 1st, 2021, as part of Bill C-65, employers are required to record, report, prevent, and provide training to staff with regards to harassment in the workplace, as well as workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault.

While many employers understand the gravity of such situations and want to foster a positive work environment, few understand how to navigate this new environment without making oversights or accidentally committing infractions. That is where the training and consulting services of Suzanne Desrosiers Professional Corporation comes in.

We offer thorough training sessions to all federally regulated employers within Canada. If you find yourself wishing to learn more about Bill C-65 or the Canada Labour Code at large, we invite you to contact our offices today by dialling (705) 268-6492.

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Bill C-65: A Major Step Forward

In the past, the Canada Labour Code (CLC) only required employers to take measures to prevent and protect employees against violence within the workplace. As of 2021, however, the country has succeeded in amending the CLC to strengthen the law for the benefit of all those employed by federally regulated companies and organizations. The very nature of prevention and protection themselves has changed, in part, because the country has broadened the definition of "harassment".

What We Consider Harassment

According to the newly amended Canada Labour Code, the definition of workplace harassment now refers to any comment, action, or behaviour—including that of a sexual nature—that can "be reasonably expected to cause offence, humiliation, or other physical or psychological injury or illness to an employee."

This is a major step forward for labour rights within Canada, and it is something that can only lead to a more positive working environment for employers and employees alike. In order to abide by these new regulations and better protect your employees, countless employers such as yourself must undergo training. What's more, employers must also ensure that the individual designated to record complaints also has a firm understanding of the Bill C-65 amendment.

Bill C-65 Training from Professionals

While many employers may feel overwhelmed by these changes, there is help out there. We work closely with employers to ensure they're handling every complaint with the utmost care. We brief employers on their staff, on the merits of confidentiality, the resolution process, and more. As an experienced firm that has followed this amendment closely, we are more than familiar with Bill C-65 and the workplaces that need to abide by these new measures.

What's more, we will teach you how to deal with these complaints as they occur. As many employers know, there are often disputes between a complaint's recipient and the principal party regarding the complaint itself. Do you know how to handle situations such as these? Never fear, our firm can help you.

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