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Suzanne has been practising law for the past 34 years. In the last 17 years of her practice, she has concentrated her efforts on Employment Law. Suzanne has conducted workplace investigations for employers because of complaints leading to employee investigations. Suzanne is bilingual which is a definite asset since she can interview witnesses in both languages. With her knowledge of Employment Law and Human Rights legislation and her experience as a fact finder Suzanne can effectively conduct a workplace investigation.

When a complaint is received by the employer, the law is very clear the investigation needs to be done promptly. Some investigations can be done internally most often by the Human Resources representative, but it is imperative that the Human Resources Representative can put her daily tasks aside and immediately jump in to conduct the investigation. Where many Employers end up in hot water is not for failing to investigate, but rather because their investigation is flawed, inadequate or biased. Many Human Resources Representatives are not equipped to conduct complex investigations. It is preferable to get an external workplace investigator if:

  • If the complaint is highly sensitive;
  • If there is a hint of conflict of interest;
  • If the dispute involves senior individuals in the organization;
  • Where the allegations are particularly serious;
  • When the dispute involves complicated legal or technical issues.

Typical areas where an external investigation maybe required are:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Breach of workplace policies
  • Acts of reprisal
  • Sexual harassment
  • Toxic or hostile work environment
  • Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

It is our policy to conduct a fair and balanced workplace investigation. We consider the full employment context. We will consider the workplace policies, the relevant law, the practices in the workplace, the roles and responsibilities of the parties and the interrelation between all of the above. Suzanne’s role as an investigator is to make recommendations as to how to address the conflict.

At the conclusion of the investigation, we will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed oral or written report, which includes our findings of fact, legal opinion and recommendations, if requested. Remember that if the investigation is done in anticipation of litigation, it can be covered by solicitor-client privilege.