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When issues arise in the workplace, the best answer is not always immediately obvious, especially when it comes to your employees. What do you do when someone has a complaint? What are the best practices for employee termination? What are your options in complex HR matters?

Call Suzanne.

Suzanne has been practicing law for the past 34 years. She has been practicing in Employment Law/ HR/ Human Resources for over 17 years. Suzanne has seen several businesses of all kinds, be it provincially governed or federally governed that have had to pay out some hefty settlements to employees just because the Executive Director/the Human Resources Representative, the Band Manager has, without realizing it, made a faux pas that has cost their business/organizations thousands of dollars.

Making the wrong decision in sensitive matters can be costly and often easily avoided! Suzanne is available to offer expert advice and discuss what options are available to you, saving you time, frustration, money, and even additional legal actions.

Suzanne can be used as a sounding board to your Executive Director/ Manager/ the owner when they are not sure of something, or if there is something unusual about the situation. It is much more economical to pay 15 -30 minutes worth of legal services than to pay out a Human Rights Claim or a wrongful or constructive dismissal claim and the legal fees to defend it.

Make the right decision. Get HR advice today.

We will provide fair and neutral advice that will take into account the full range of employer/employee context. We will consider the workplace policies, the relevant law, the workplace practices, the roles and responsibilities of the parties and the interrelation between all of the above.

Get advice on:

  • • Responding to conflict
  • • Framing the issues in product terms
  • • Making the best decision for your organization
  • • Solutions you might not have known about

Suzanne offers a HELP service where HR/Human Resources representatives, business owners, managers, and executive directors can reach out to obtain guidance before they act. The legal services can be structured in such a fashion that once the HR/Human Resources representatives, business owners, or executive directors have received the guidance they can complete the work themselves, such as drafting the discipline or termination letters. Alternatively, they opt to do the work and get it checked by Suzanne before delivering it to the employee. It can be considered the equivalent of on the job training as it relates to HR/ Human Resources matters.

Remember when it comes to Human Resources, once you have taken a step you cannot take it back.

That is why there is a RULE WHEN IT COMES TO HR/ HUMAN RESOURCES, THINK, THINK AND THINK AGAIN AS YOU ARE AFFECTING AN EMPLOYEE’S LIFE. This is a preventative measure that could save your business/organization thousands of dollars.