Criminal Law (ex. assault, theft, firearm offences, etc.) - Timmins, Ontario

Convictions under the Criminal Code are very serious and can impact many aspects of your life including, obtaining bondable employment, travel plans to other countries and access to your children.

Prior to being charged, the police officers will attempt to question you with respect to the offence in question. Please remember that you have a right to remain silent and that you have no obligation to give statements to the police when you are brought in for questioning. Remember whatever you say may be used against you at a later date.

Once you are charged, if you retain our services we will first obtain the Disclosure package from the Crown Attorneys’ Office and then review it with you. This way we will ascertain what evidence the Crown has in relation to the charge you are faced with.

If you were taken into custody upon your arrest, we will meet with you and put together a bail plan and hold a bail hearing to determine whether you can be released from custody before your charges are finally disposed of.

Remember a conviction under the Criminal Code is very serious and can impact many aspects of your life. It can affect your ability to earn a living, as certain types of employment require that you be bondable. It can also affect your financial credit if you lose your job as a result of a criminal conviction. It often affects your family in that you need to spend funds to finance your defence or pay a fine, or you may embarrass both yourself and your family if you end up in jail.

If you are charged with a criminal offence it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice to protect your rights and to ascertain if you have a valid defence to the charges that you are faced with. Sometimes you may be guilty of the offence that you are charged with, but with the help of a lawyer, they may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the Crown such that you can plead guilty to a lesser included offence and receive a less serious penalty.

Remember, in criminal law, the burden of proof (to prove the offence you are charged with) is on the Crown and they have a duty to prove to the Court beyond a reasonable doubt that you have committed the crime in question. You may have in fact committed the crime but if the Crown cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you in fact committed the crime, the law makes it is such that you must be found “not guilty”. The reason for that is that the legislation makes it preferable to allow a guilty person to be acquitted than to have a wrongful conviction and so the rights of the accused are held at a higher level to afford the accused this protection.

Please contact Florence Gonsalves at our office for a free initial consultation to determine how we can best assist you. We also offer agency services, should you require someone to attend to court with your instructions, in your absence.

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